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D/A Central Prime Support covers ALL the bases.

With D/A Prime Support, you can always count on real people responding in real time. Our support specialists understand the intricacies involved with fully integrated systems because we design and build them from the ground up. As a result, we can detect the difference between system component failures and training needs. Our years of experience allow D/A to cost effectively maintain your entire system within a guaranteed time frame, limiting disruption to your operation.

The worst time to find out your system failed is AFTER an event. D/A Prime Support will make sure that your system is there when you need it most.

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Typical manufacturer warranties offer one-year parts only protection potentially leaving your system out of commission during warranty work. You and your staff must rely on your system 24/7/365.

D/A Prime Support agreements extend your coverage, leveraging your investment for years. In addition, our loaner program gets you up and running right away in the event a system component must be serviced off-site.

Proactive certification of your system keeps your system upgraded with the latest firmware and preventive maintenance. Your system is re-certified semi-annually by our highly qualified technicians.


In short, D/A Prime Support assures that you retain your system value and system capabilities starting with your original warranty period and on into the future.