D/A Central is here to help you.  Come back often and gain insight from our experts’ responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

Why does it cost that much?

In a day and age where consumer electronics continue to press for lower and lower pricing, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” still applies.  Your security system is protecting your company, your employees, or your family.  The worst time to find out your security system is not as good as you had thought is when you need it most.

Can we use our existing network?

In many cases the answer is simple, yes!  However, if the security system is going to require a large portion of the available network resources, that may not be the right answer.  Every network is different and your security system should be tailored for your situation.  That is why D/A Central takes the time to investigate your individual needs.  We take one of three approaches: we deploy on the existing network, we upgrade the existing network to handle the additional capacity, or we install an independent security network.  At D/A, we understand how the system will affect your network, and help you make the decision on how to install your system correctly the first time.

Can I see/control our system from my phone?

Nearly everyone has, an app for that. An important question you should ask is: if I can access my security system from the public internet, who else can? D/A will help you deploy a system that allows you the access you want, without allowing hackers to access your system.

Can’t I just get the system from a wholesale store like Costco or Sam’s Club?

Yes, you can. Consider, however, that your security system is protecting things that you consider valuable.  An inexpensive system that you install yourself is not always the best way to ensure the protection of your company, your employees, or your family.  Having a security professional design and install your system, as well as service it, ensures that you have the best protection for your security needs.

Are there regulations that impact my system?

In most cases the answer is, yes.  In more and more localities systems are required to meet minimum standards before the police will respond to an alarm.  If surveillance video is going to be used in court, it must meet proper evidence standards.  HIPPA must be considered in more places than just hospitals and doctors’ offices. SOX will apply if you company is publicly traded, and there are other local, regional, and national regulatory considerations.