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protecting your customer assets and employees

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safety solutions needs protecting Schools Universities and Research arenas

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We are here to customize your security needs with the highest quality products we stand behind.

Access Control Management Access Control Management

Control movement, track attendance, and manage visitors with one system.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring Commercial Alarm Monitoring

24-hour protection of your people, assets, and resources

Surveillance Equipment Surveillance Equipment

All you need for your video surveillance and access control systems.

Camera Analytics

Capturing video was just step one. With analytic enabled cameras your security system can do much more than you think. Below are just a few of many new and exciting features that are being made available through camera analytics.


If your personal camera can detect red-eye your security camera should be able to auto track. With it, your camera can distinguish different objects and follow exactly where they go. Found in most PTZ Cameras, Auto-Tracking is becoming a staple in the security industry.

Directional Tracking

Only want objects exiting and not entering? With camera analytics this is possible. You can track the direction of objects live. Then if they leave a field or boundary you have designated you can be alerted immediately.

Incident Tagging

If you want to be notified as soon as an incident occurs you can. You can also go back into your footage and see exactly when it happened. Send alerts to your control center, phone, or mass text messaging system.

Camera Analytics is an exciting new trend in the security industry. If you would like to take advantage of these new features in your security system we would love to hear from you. D/A Central strives to promote safety and security through Intelligent Security Solutions.



4 Aspects of Emergency Response


Emergency situations happen every day. You need more than just a plan. Your security system needs to integrate with your plan to take action in an emergency situation? Here are four vital aspects to emergency response.

Immediate Alerts

During an emergency situation every second counts. Immediately alerting both security professionals, and civilians, in the area is crucial. Be ready to instantly send relevant information by text, video, or audio form, both privately and publicly.

Instant Refresh

Any second, an emergency situation can change drastically. An emergency ready security system will give up-to-the-second updates. You can stream these updates and instructions to all affected personnel and civilians.

Secure Response

Vital live feedback about an emergency can come from civilians close to the situation. An emergency ready security system can receive this information securely and protect lives during the event.

Accurate Reports

After an emergency is over, the paperwork begins. Instead of pulling documents from many different areas. A emergency ready security system can pull vital statistics directly from the live data that was collected.