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How Security Plays a Pivotal Role to Protect Patients in Behavioral Health Facilities

By John Krumme, CPP Security in healthcare settings is not a new concept. Many hospitals today boast a robust security system that includes hundreds of surveillance cameras and an access control system to monitor activity and ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to sensitive areas. However, sometimes authorized individuals can pose the greatest threat. […]

Beyond Surveillance in Retail

By John Krumme, CPP Video surveillance products have been a long time-staple of loss prevention directors in the retail market. Shoplifting, sweet hearting, slip and falls, product contamination or tampering, and armed robbery are all age-old problems. Some of the very first closed-circuit television cameras were installed in the late 1970’s to help grocery stores […]

The Value of a Trusted, National Level Systems Integrator

By David Alessandrini As more and more businesses grow outside their local footprint, many are finding it is critical to forge relationships with business partners who can serve them across multiple geographic locations. This can be a simple as wanting to use the same internet provider for 10 offices located in multiple states to contracting […]

How to Protect Your Security Network and Business from Hackers

By Bill Hirdler, Technical Support Manager, MidCo Inc. Cyber threats aren’t tangible, so it is no wonder there has been an increase in cyber attacks given the rise of the Internet of Things. When it comes to protecting your business, employees and assets, there are a few precautions that should be taken into account, ranging from […]

Find Your Focus: How to Choose the Best Camera for the Job

By Mark Guzan From dome, to bullet, to panoramic cameras, there are more surveillance camera options on the market today than ever before. With expanding camera functionalities, how does a security director decide which camera is right for their facility? Ask yourself: Why are we putting a camera here? An important part of choosing a […]

How Multi-Sensor Cameras Are Changing the Surveillance Landscape

By Tyler Graham Surveillance cameras are perhaps one of the most visible aspects of a security system to the general public. They are mounted to the exterior of buildings, along long corridors in healthcare facilities and schools and throughout the interior of retail stores. However, in recent years, the number of surveillance cameras being deployed […]

Healthcare Security: What to Look for in a Security Integrator Partner

By Brent Balkcom, MPM, PSP, Security Control Systems, Inc. Chris Vanderbles, Manager of Technical Services, Security Control Systems, Inc. When it comes to security, you can’t put a price tag on a well-integrated system that meets your needs. In a healthcare setting, even more logistics must be taken into account, from maintaining a sterile environment […]

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Security Professionals: Why Active Shooter Technology is the Talk of the Security Industry

By John Krumme, CPP Active shooter technology, developed over the past few years, has become a valuable tool that many security professionals are giving more consideration to, due to the recent tragedies that we see in our society on a regular basis. Referred to as gunshot analytics, this emergency technology often includes integrations between different […]

Extreme Conditions: Can Your Surveillance Cameras Handle It?

By Henry Olivares Did you know that installing a surveillance camera directly in the sunlight can shorten its lifespan and impact how well it performs? Extreme weather situations, such as the hot sun or sub zero temperatures, can play a role as to whether or not a surveillance system will work properly when faced with […]